About Us

AltaCrete is a Canadian Aboriginal Corporation operating in Alberta, Canada. We are suppliers of cement additives used in the global Soil Stabilization markets. We offer our clients consulting and preliminary lab testing on soils to determine correct ratios of soil, cement and additives to create the best mix for a wide variety of road construction projects. Our product provides solutions for municipalities looking to work with poor soil conditions to build roads, highways, pads, and parking lots and  all over the world. AltaCrete saves time, money and is environmentally friendly.

AltaCrete is a naturally made cement additive that enhances the performance of portland cement. Soil stabilization projects require approximately 10% portland cement, but with AltaCrete we reduce the cement content and blend approximately 2% AltaCrete to enhance the overall performance.  Our specialization in soil stabilization has lead us to achieve a 1 km (10m wide) road complete in 24 hours (other construction methods duration: 15 days).

AltaCrete’s executive team has over 25 years of experience in road construction across western canada for the oil industry and public works projects. AltaCrete is as a system which is far superior to any other soil stabilization additive in the world-wide market. The key features of AltaCrete is creating a low cost process for road construction that does not require the use of imported aggregate. AltaCrete has a excellent history of stabilization on roads, oilfield pads, parking lots, runways, foundation construction, dam and irrigation canals and pollutant encapsulation/immobilization.

over the last 10 years In our search for a better system/process for road building and soil stabilization we explored different variations of minerals and cement additives. This led us to Europe where we were introduced to the world of soil stabilization. European soil stabilization technologies that have been in use for over 20 years. We found the best soil stabilization results were with the right combination of additives and cement. We were able to conduct compressive strength tests and determine the appropriate amount of additives compared to portland cement until we found the best formula.

Our Focus has been in Western Canada for the last 5 years, but we see a growing demand for AltaCrete Globally. Our mission is to work with motivated countries to construct infrastructure projects faster and better. This has shifted our focus away from Canada and we are now working closely with interested parties on a International level.  AltaCrete is 100% Canadian owned and is sourced in Canada as well.


The Portland Cement Assiciation (www.cement.org) have released several publications recommending soil stabilization as the most advanced solution for the construction of a variety of pavements. Using additives like AltaCrete in the soil stabilization process can result in faster construction times for the global public works sector. On average our projects can construct a double lane pavement (10 Meters wide) one full kilometer in length in 1 day (normally 14 days average) total 10,000 sq/m

Free shipping on all international orders. Minimum 1 container @ 26 tonnes.