Works with all soils

Soil tests have to be done in a geotechnical lab to determine the soil type, proctor test are done to see if the soil is workable and will meet the road or pad specification. In some cases, the soil will have to be removed and good soil will have to be trucked in from a clay pit. This is also an expensive process.
Common practices require expensive aggregates hauled in from local quarries. These layers have to be engineered to meet the compaction requirements. Certain MPA’s or PSI strength must be meet or the layer will have to be redone. This takes time and money.

Soil Cement with Altacrete
There is no need to haul in soil or aggregate from another source. Altacrete and cement will meet the required strengths that is needed for any traffic or load requirements. Altacrete’s impermeability and flexural movement will ensure that the soil mixtures will last for years in all weather conditions

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Altacrete soil cement
Existing soils can be engineered to replace gravel layers. Altacrete soils engineers will design the soils to meet the engineering specification. The Altacrete layer will be designed to shed water from all sides, this will not give water a chance to penetrate the layer. Water freezes in the winter, spring thaw will crack normal roads. If you have no water penetration in your base layer, the area will act as a roof over the project site. You keep water and weather from penetrating the base foundation, you
will have a project that will last for many years maintenance free. This saves time and Money.

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