Oil and Gas

AltaCrete’s environmentally friendly soil stabilization and dust control solutions assist oil and gas companies to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum environmental impact.

Used by the some of the worlds largest Oil and Gas companies, large-scale bitumen operations trust AltaCrete to make their job sites more reliable. Our team of experts work with clients to create fast infrastructure solutions to create and maintain roads, drill and well pads and more.

Access Roads

For oil and natural gas extraction companies, road access is vital. Not just on site but also in the wider community. Serving as vital arteries of transit, these roads sustain some of the heaviest traffic and in turn suffer the worst wear and tear.

AltaCrete has the most advanced system to stabilize and/or seal these access roads. Lowering maintenance costs, our solutions address visibility issues, dust-related health concerns, ensures year round, all weather site access and helps oil and natural gas extraction companies ensure regulatory compliance.

AltaCrete reduces dust and stabilizes the road surface, preventing erosion and avoiding costly maintenance or resurfacing. Also, AltaCrete’s dust control eliminates the contaminating effects of dust on the environment, keeping the road clear and the community happy.

By being proactive about dust control and soil stabilization, AltaCrete helps sites stay safe and ensures oil and gas companies can continue to succeed in the communities in which they operate.

Oil Sands

Oil sands experience consistently high levels of traffic throughout the year and form the focal point of activities related to oil and natural gas extraction. In addition, the fugitive dust associated with these sites can cause equipment failure and poor visibility. In cases where natural materials are inadequate, excavation and replacement with imported material is an expensive option.

AltaCrete cement additive for soil stabilization is the most cost effective, and environmentally friendly solution to construct road on oil sand areas quickly and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

AltaCrete physically and chemically bind soil particles together, creating durable foundations and water resistant, stabilized surfaces that have improved compressive strengths as well as high tensile resilience.

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